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It's become something of a Canadian tradition: Every summer, midways across the country aim to out-do each other with the most adventurous (and artery-clogging) snack foods imaginable.

And this year the Calgary Stampede has set the bar pretty high. Here are just a few outlandish examples from the 32 new foods that will be available in Calgary this July:

Calgary Stampede

Things wrapped in bacon

Bacon makes everything better, right? This year it’s wrapped around everything from a cob of corn to a chunk of roasted pork belly (on a stick, naturally).

Calgary Stampede

Deep-fried everything

There was a time when the deep-fried Mars bar was a novelty. Those simpler times are gone. Take your pick between non-foods like cheezies, cookie dough or peanut butter cups, or an even stranger option: sushi. There’s also "deep fried donut bacon cheeseburger” — which, for Torontonians, may bring back unsavoury memories of the Cronut, which left more than 200 people ill at the CNE last summer.

Calgary Stampede

Wait, are those real scorpions?

As the Stampede says: “add a little crunch to your pizza with a few seasoned scorpions.” Not much else to say, really.