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Can I entertain, even if I'm sick? Add to ...

The question

Five days before holding a luncheon, I came down with a cold. I told the guests, but didn’t cancel because I assumed I would feel better by then, which I did. Nonetheless, one guest berated me, saying I could still be contagious and was ‘endangering’ our friends. Did I do the right thing?

The answer

Assuming there was zero chance you would sneeze or cough in the cucumber sandwiches and assuming that you were rigorous about both keeping your hands well away from your face and washing them frequently, yes, you did.

Colds are typically most catchy on their second and third days – you were already past that point. And I’m presuming that when you called your guests beforehand, you were honest about your condition and gave them the option to stay away. As for Mr. Endangering Our Friends, flus kill and stupidity maims, but colds just make people watch Two and a Half Men reruns. Sleep well, sicky. You did right.

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