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What is the ultimate Halloween candy? Round 2: Sour Skittles v. Sour Patch Kids Add to ...

This is Day 2 of our Halloween candy wars. Click here to read day one. Each day this week we'll post a new battle featuring more Halloween favourites.

What is the ultimate Halloween candy? In Monday’s pitched battle , the turgid Halloween Kisses didn’t stand a chance against the mighty Tootsie Roll. On Day Two our cracker-jack panel – reporter Dakshana Bascaramurty, Web editor Cliff Lee and nine-year-old candy aficionado Alvaro Geiger – dukes it out over the sour stuff.


Vital Stats: Round pellets with a hard candy shell and sweet, chewy core are covered with a canker-sore-provoking dose of sour coating (which makes them look somewhat mouldy).

Claim to fame: It’s known for its bizarre ads which would make Salvador Dali proud (have you seen the Skittles Touch Cat one? Look it up on YouTube), but Skittles has taken some equally questionable turns in flavour over the years. In 2007, it released its carnival-themed line in Australia that included popcorn-flavoured candies.

Taste: First contact with the tongue causes some serious lip puckering, but have patience, young one, and you shall be rewarded with a Skittles’ signature chewy sweetness once the citric-acid coating melts away. Go easy on these (one pack is more than enough) if you have any respect for your taste buds.

Expert opinion: “It’s a burst of flavour, the lime. I like to suck it and get the taste and then swallow it.” -A.G.

Rating: 20/30


Vital Stats: Soft, chewy bite-sized morsels that, sadly, are not at all shaped like kids. Sweet on the inside and covered with a thick coating of eye-popping sour sanding.

Claim to fame: This month, Method Man (who has made a career of rapping about guns, women and getting high) released a song about Sour Patch Kids. And no, it’s not about satisfying the munchies, but how Sour Patch Kids organize revolutionary armies when we’re not watching.

Taste: More tender than their sour brethren, these little guys are just the right amounts of sticky, chewy, sour and sweet. While texturally abrasive, their sour coating is mild, meaning your tongue can withstand several at a time and, possibly, two packs in one sitting.

Expert opinion: “They’re too good not to put in your mouth all at once. Tip: Don’t mix with Sour Skittles, your tongue will thank you.” -C.L.

Rating: 22/30

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