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Not sure what to get the person who eats it all? Here are 12 ideas for them to bite into. (Please don't actually bite into the books and gadgets.)

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FOR THE HOME BAKER: Momofuku Milk Bar “Compost Cookie” Mix. Recreate the famous dessert from chef David Chang’s New York sweet shop. Think of it as a mash-up of cookies with snack food’s greatest hits. Yes, there are chocolate chips, but what really elevates the compost cookie are the pretzel bits, potato chips, notes of coffee, rolled oats, gram clusters and butterscotch clusters. $24.66, Williams-Sonoma

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FOR THE IRON CHEF: Himalayan sea salt block. All-natural, iron-rich pink slabs of salt that can be used by adventurous cooks as grilling surfaces to impart even, savoury flavours. Toss them in the oven if desired, or chill them for use as dramatic sashimi or cheese platters. Just don’t forget to clean them. $44.99 for an 8” x 8” x 1.25” block,

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FOR THE APPRENTICE: Aida Mollenkamp’s Keys to the Kitchen: The Essential Reference for Becoming a More Accomplished, Adventurous Cook. More than a collection of recipes, TV chef Aida Mollenkamp’s first cookbook is a culinary encyclopedia containing diagrams and basic instructions for mastering classic techniques, such as how to properly fillet a flatfish, braise a cut of meat and cook your pasta perfectly al dente. $25.08,

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FOR THE PERFECT HOST: Ravi instant wine refresher. A gadget that magically chills wine from warm bottles by cooling the liquid itself. Wine is poured through a special cooling cap and cartridge, right into your guest’s glass. $49.99, Bed Bath & Beyond

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FOR THE MEATLOVER: Monogrammed steak branding iron. For a personalized touch the next time you host a cookout, monogram your steaks with this 13-inch stainless-steel branding iron. Washes easily with soap and water. $39.95 (U.S.),

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FOR THE FOODIE PHOTOGRAPHER: Jiro Dreams of Sushi DVD. Director David Gelb’s portrait of one of the world’s greatest sushi chef is an artful, often mouth-watering documentary that explores themes of fatherhood, Japanese filial duty and obsession with culinary craft. It’ll also make you question how tender your octopus sashimi would be if it were massaged for 40 minutes beforehand. $25.49,

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FOR THE EXHIBITIONIST: Slate cheese servers. Stylish, modern and rustic slate cheese boards are an elegant way to present appetizers for the next time you’re entertaining guests.$12.31 to $37.06, Crate & Barrel

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FOR THE PROFESSIONAL: Shun Classic seven-inch Santoku knife. Forged from 16 layers of super-dense Damascus steel and handcrafted in Seki, Japan’s famous samurai-sword capital. It’s a razor-sharp chef’s companion that makes for effortless slicing and dicing. $169.95,

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FOR THE MASTER BAKER: KitchenAid Professional 600 Architect stand mixer, six-quart. Because serious pastry chefs need a serious stand mixer with a classic, reliable design. It will be the secret behind that killer brownie batter and those juicy homemade kielbasas. $699.99, Sears

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FOR THE BEER BUFF: Six-pack of Westvleteren XII strong Belgian ale. Often called the best beer on the planet, this creamy and smoky ale with hints of toffee has long been coveted by beer enthusiasts, though it was only available at the abbey of the humble Belgian monks who brew it. Amid hard times, the cash-strapped monks recently agreed to allow the brownish-red nectar to be sold in limited quantities in North America, with proceeds going toward construction of a new abbey. Be warned: At $75 for a six-pack (including two serving glasses), be sure to savour every last drop. 76.85, LCBO in Ontario

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FOR THE INDULGER: The Nutty Chocolatier’s pecan puddles. Crunchy-fresh pecans smothered in the Nutty Chocolatier’s homemade caramel and topped with Belgian chocolate. Available in milk or dark chocolate. $2.99,

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FOR THE COFFEE CONNOISSEUR: Craft Coffee subscription. The tagline says it all: “The world’s best coffee, expertly chosen and delivered to your doorstep.” Members choose their grind and get a monthly tasting package (enough to brew 42 cups) from three roasters selected from around the world by a team of coffee gurus. $29.99 (U.S.) a month to $239.88 a year plus $9 a month for shipping,

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