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Just because you're outside doesn't mean you should adopt a camping mentality when it comes to the barbecue. Matthew Hague rounds up the most stylish accessories of the season


The BakerStone, which started out as a Kickstarter project but is now sold in stores across North America, is the convergence of two culinary comforts: barbecue and blister-crusted pizza. The mini oven fits over most three-burner grills and cooks a pie in under five minutes. If pizza doesn’t appeal, it also works for roasting veggies and meat or baking bread and cookies. $130. Through or


The yuckiest part of barbecuing is scraping off the grimy grill. The Grillbot simplifies the task. Basically, it’s the cookout equivalent of a Roomba, the disc-shaped, robotic, self-guiding vacuum. While you’re relaxing with an after-dinner drink, it sits on the grate and scrubs off the charred, stuck-on meat with its brass or steel bristles. $130 (U.S.). Through

Pizza peel

Of course, making pizza requires more than just an oven. Williams-Sonoma’s collapsible pizza peel is both stylish – with its wooden handle – and sensible. It folds away for easy, off-season storage, and the perforated bottom helps shake any excess flour or cornmeal off the bottom of the crust. $25 (U.S.). Through


Meat thermometers are essential for knowing just how done the steak is, without having to cut the meat and eye it. The digital iGrill2 gauges the temperature better than it’s analog counterparts. It has two prongs to allow for multiple readings. Its built-in Bluetooth buzzes your smartphone or tablet to alert you when the meat is ready. $100 (U.S.). Through

S’mores basket

Crate and Barrel’s long-handled s’mores basket eliminates the need for skewering (and inevitably burning) the marshmallows. The whole sweet assembly sits in the cage – graham crackers, chocolate and all. It can either be held above the flames or allowed to rest right on the grill, depending on the desired level of meltiness. $9.95. Through