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We’ve netted four essentials for preparing, cooking, serving and entertaining with seafood.

Traditional Finnish Boning Knife

Marttiini of Rovaniemi, Finland, has been forging traditional hunting, fishing and foraging knives since 1928. A good knife is an integral part of life in the Arctic, but a handsome, razor-sharp one can do wonders for the urban dweller, too. The blade of this classic 6-inch boning knife – designed to fillet fish close to the bone – is hand-honed from flexible stainless chrome steel, with a lacquered birch handle. Keep it safely tucked away in its natural-coloured leather sheath. $55.50 (U.S.).

Seafood Grilling Rack

Seafood on the grill can be tricky, with falling apart flesh, sticky skin and small, tippy shellfish getting lost in the flames. Designed by American barbecue guru Steven Raichlen, this brushed stainless-steel rack features circular wires and gaps of different sizes to hold clams, oysters and mussels upright and level, saving the yummy juices. At 40-by-28 centimetres, it can hold approximately 30 bivalves. $19.95 (U.S.).

Serrats Anchovies

Serrats has been in the business of preserving seafood by hand for 125 years. These little fish – new to Canadian shores – are less salty, more toothsome and larger. Netted in the Bay of Biscay at the peak of their season, which runs from April to June, they’re filleted, cured and packed in olive oil in the coastal fishing town of Bermeo, Spain. They’re deliciously subtle enough to enjoy straight up with a bit of bread. $24.49/50 grams.

Fish Platters

With a charming 1950s sensibility, these stoneware serving platters, designed by Irish potter Andrew Ludick, are hand-crafted and hand-painted in Portugal. Perfect for your catch of the day, they’re microwave– and dishwasher-safe. From 30 to 46 centimetres long, $49.95, $59.95 and $69.95.