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Chef Gordon Ramsay, right, speaks to reporters during a cooking demonstration at his new restaurant 'Laurier Gordon Ramsay', in Montreal, Tuesday, August 9, 2011 as head chef Guillermo Russo looks on.

Stick a fork in it — the barbecue chicken venture of celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay has come to an end in Montreal.

A restaurant has cut ties with the British chef, claiming frustration over what it described as his limited contribution.

A long-time local institution, the Laurier BBQ had been renovated and rechristened with Ramsay's name last summer.

As Ramsay's name was removed from the outdoor sign, the restaurant Thursday announced on its Twitter page that it would be known, from now on, as Laurier 1936.

The restaurant owner told the Montreal Gazette that Ramsay hadn't been there since last August, when a splashy reopening attracted droves of media coverage.

A statement from Ramsay expressed disappointment with the turn of events and said he more than fulfilled his contractual obligations.

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