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Jamie Oliver

@debbsiem: How do I get my kids to care more about what they eat?

Jame Oliver: I think truly caring about what you eat doesn't really happen until you're more grown up – often you need an experience that enables you to see how good food makes you look and feel better and healthier. However, as a parent and someone who has worked with kids around the world, I think we can put lots of effort into things that are positive, and say nothing about things that are negative. Associate food with fun, and make sure your kids can only choose between a good choice and a good choice. Get down to a farmers' market – even just looking, not buying, will make a difference to their perception of where food comes from. You also need to be a bit stubborn and relentless – I've put a salad in front of my kids every day, whether they've liked it or not. I change it up, make a dressing with a little honey or balsamic to sweeten it slightly, and guess what, all these years later they all eat salad. And the golden bullet is, if you get kids to grow stuff themselves, they'll eat it.

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