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Baking with Kids, Lucy Waverman's grandson Josh, photographed January 14, 2015 in Toronto. (Danielle Matar for the Globe and Mail)Danielle Matar/The Globe and Mail

The next generation of foodies is starting to cook at an early age. Perhaps it is the influence of MasterChef Junior; perhaps it is because their parents don't cook. My 12-year-old grandson, Josh, says he loves to cook because "it allows me to use my creativity and make people happy, too." This dinner was his gift to his sister, Anna, for her birthday. He chose the menu based on her likes and cooked at my house in case he needed help. One of the biggest benefits of starting at an early age is that kids will actually eat what they cook. For Josh, learning the science behind cooking helped improve his skills.

Caesar Salad

Favourite Fried Chicken

Raspberry Brownies