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Deep-fried eggs with mushroom saladDanielle Matar/The Globe and Mail

My comfort lies in meals where the food gives me a warm inner glow, reminding me of good times and family dinners from the past. This easy Easter menu adapts some of my favourite foods to the the season.

Deep-fried eggs with mushroom salad

I love eggs, mushrooms and anything deep-fried. Here is my perfect combination.

Easter butterflied lamb

Lamb is an essential part of Scottish cooking, and thinly sliced, saucy roast lamb is a comfort food that reminds me of many family meals when I was a kid. I have adapted the classic for this much easier, succulent take. Serve with roasted potatoes, turnips and spinach.

Marmalade pudding

This pudding is my essential easy dessert using my annual batch of marmalade. It doubles beautifully. Gild the lily by adding a spoonful of lemon gelato.