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Would you try one of these outrageous burgers?

The American classic has come a long way. Now you can get it shoved between doughnuts, topped with foie gras and smothered in cheese curds

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Foie Gras Burger, by Martin Picard of Au Pied de Cochon in Montreal: rich foie gras topped with cheese, veggies and a memorable balsamic glaze.

LARRY CROWE/Larry Crowe/The Canadian Press

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The Manly Burger, UMAMIcatessen in L.A.: made with beer-cheddar cheese, smoked-salt onion strings, and bacon lardons.

Patrick Fallon/Patrick Fallon/Bloomberg

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January 17, 2009. Vancouver, BC. The famous foie-and-truffle stuffed DB Burger, DB Bistro Moderne: a sirloin burger filled with braised short ribs, foie gras and black truffle.

Laura Leyshon/laura leyshon The Globe and Mail

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Epic Krispy Kreme burger by Epic Burgers and Waffles, the 2011 CNE in Toronto: signature lean ground smash-style burger sandwiched between two doughnuts (adding bacon and eggs optional).

Michelle/Michelle Siu/The Globe and Mail

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Splitz burger, Splitz Grill in Vancouver: 1/3 pound of beef with lots of toppings

Lyle Stafford/lyle stafford The Globe and Mail

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Original Alley Burger, from the Allery Burger Truck in Calgary: Spragg Farm’s pork and roasted garlic sausage patty, Quebec cheese curds and piri piri aioli.

TODD KOROL/todd korol The Globe and Mail

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Whale burger, town of Wada, Japan: Yes, it's made with whale meat. so is the hot dog. Here's hoping you can't buy this any more.

TOSHIYUKI AIZAWA/Toshiyuki Aizawa/Reuters

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Wagyu beef hamburger, Ritz-Carlton in Tokyo: a seemingly ordinary burger with a whopping 13,450 yen ($168) price tag (when introduced in 2007).

KIYOSHI OTA/Kiyoshi Ota/Reuters

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The Big Zack, M:burger, Montreal: two patties, 2 slices of cheese, spicy fancy sauce, chopped onions, pickle, tomato and lettuce.

Peter Power/Peter Power/The Globe and Mail

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Skookum Chief Burger, Tomahawk Restaurant in Vancouver: organic ground beef patty topped with onions, lettuce, Yukon bacon, egg, aged cheddar cheese, wiener, tomato and Tomahawk special sauce.

Jeff Vinnick/jeff vinnick The Globe and Mail

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The 9.2 ounce Rogue Burger, Rogue Kitchen and Wetbar, Vancouver: house-ground sirloin burger on a sesame brioche bun topped with bacon, cheddar, lettuce, tomato, pickle, sweet relish and mayo.

LAURA LEYSHON/laura leyshon The Globe and Mail

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The Double Cheeseburger, the Burger's Priest in Toronto: classic patties of loosely packed ground beef topped with processed cheese, cooked on a flat-top griddle.

JENNIFER ROBERTS/jennifer roberts The Globe and Mail

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