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Coffee TonicTad Seaborn/The Globe and Mail

It's not over till it's over – we can grab on to summer until the bitter end (or at least until Thanksgiving) by adding a twist of sophistication to our mid-afternoon iced coffee. The pairing might sound odd, but citrusy, bittersweet notes in the tonic complement similar flavours in the coffee beans. Upon pouring the espresso over top of the ice, the top will froth, the espresso will ink its way through the sparkling tonic and the first sip will convert you.


Artisanal tonic


Shot of espresso


1) Fill a tall glass with 6 ounces of artisanal tonic (Fever-Tree is ideal; in a pinch, I’ve also made it with Schweppes).

2) Add ice cubes (about 6 regular). Brew a shot of espresso and pour slowly over the ice.

3) Mix gently. Drink immediately.

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