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I had been contemplating a chocolate version of whipped cream, so I took it up a notch by adding Nutella.Tad Seaborn/The Globe and Mail

Last week I made a few batches of whipped cream for a party (yes, I said batches!). I flavoured each separately with rosewater, bourbon maple syrup and of course, the classic vanilla and sugar. But I had also been contemplating a chocolate version, which stayed on my mind. So I backtracked and took it up a notch by adding Nutella. It was worth the wait.

Whipped nutella

2 tbs. Nutella

1 cup whipping cream

1 tbs. sugar


Melt two tablespoons of Nutella in a small glass bowl in the microwave – just enough to loosen it up and make it slightly runny. Set aside.

Pour 1 cup cold whipping cream (35 per cent) into a medium bowl. Add 1 tablespoon sugar. Beat the whipping cream with a hand mixer (or do this in a stand mixer) until the cream thickens into very loose peaks.

Add the Nutella and keep beating until you reach a thick consistency, stiff enough to scoop onto dessert or strawberries (or onto your coffee). Refrigerate before serving to allow to firm up.