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Lucy Waverman's salted caramel squares.JENNIFER ROBERTS

We always throw a party on Victoria Day. We invite friends and neighbours and have masses of fireworks – the most important part of the evening. But first we have to feed everyone. The only rule is that everything must be handheld. No plates and forks, just lots of good-quality napkins.

This year we are doing tacos, one of the hottest food trends right now and an easy dish to serve to loads of people. Chicken is the simplest filling for a kid-friendly group. You could include pork or fish or grilled vegetables for the adults. I use small flour and corn tortillas since corn is both authentic and gluten-free. For this recipe I prefer chicken thighs as they are juicier, but if you want to use breasts they take a few minutes longer to grill.

This year for dessert, I'm serving salted caramel bars – simple to make but complex in taste.

  • Grilled chicken tacos
  • Mexican roasted tomatillo and avocado salsa
  • Salted caramel bars