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Food safety: How long will my Thanksgiving leftovers last? Add to ...

Remember the two-hour rule

Remember the two-hour rule: Bacteria grow best between 4 and 60 degrees C, so don't leave food un-refrigerated for a total of more than two hours. That means if you've let your turkey sit out for an hour after you cook it, don't take it out of the fridge for more than an hour the next day.

Opened milk
3 days
Opened butter
3 weeks
Cheese board
Soft cheese: 1 week
Semi-soft: 2-3 weeks
Firm: 3-4 weeks
3-5 days
Baked ham
3-4 days
3-4 days (to minimize risks, cook it in a casserole dish)
1-2 days
3-4 days (be sure to cook it to an internal temperature of 180 F)
Vegetable dishes
3-4 days
2-3 days
Illustration by Ninian Carter
Source: The Canadian Partnership for Consumer Food Safety Education
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