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Riedel Ouverture red wine glass

Recently I either read or heard you on the radio recommending a wine glass by Riedel that you liked to use for all wine, including champagne. What's the name of the glass?


Dear Frances,

Several people have written with the same query. The name of the glass is Riedel Ouverture. Wine-glass purveyors today are creating shapes designed to bring out the best aromas and flavours from various styles of wine. If you've got the money, space and nerdy inclination, by all means stock up. But some shapes cover the waterfront nicely.

The elegant Ouverture red-wine glass, with a large, deep bowl, is all that a minimalist wine lover needs. It's made by the wine-glass pioneer, Riedel in Austria, looks just pretentious enough and sells for about $10 to $15 across the country in fine housewares stores.

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