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This bottle celebrates an important anniversary for Canada, if not the big sesquicentennial coming up July 1. A century ago this past April, Canadian soldiers pushed back enemy counterparts from the German Sixth Army and captured the high ground in northern France in what became known as the Battle of Vimy Ridge. The bloody First World War engagement was unusual at the time in that it drew on soldiers from all parts of the country, eventually inspiring historians and politicians to frame it as a symbol of Canadian unity.

Glenfarclas, the outstanding Highland distillery, dedicates this bottling specifically to the 48th Highlanders, a Toronto-based regiment that fought at Vimy as well as in other significant offensives. It's just whisky, true enough. But one doesn't often come across a foreign company tapping Canada for a hockey- or otherwise cliché-free reference to sell product.

It also happens to be great whisky, far from a novelty. This is big, robust spirit, bottled at a cask-strength 50-per-cent alcohol. Generously fruity thanks to a strong sherry-cask influence, it's got it all: honey, medium peaty smokiness, underlying grain and serious spice, in part from that higher alcohol. Succulent yet firm. Marvellous. Here's to you, with thanks, 48th Highlanders. Available in Ontario.