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The questionHow should I dress for running in the fall, so I don't have to resort to using the treadmill?

The answerWatching the leaves change colour is beautiful. The temperature is perfect. Running outdoors in the fall will make you ditch that treadmill forever.

Don't be apprehensive about being too cold when running. You may feel cold at first, but you will warm up quickly.

Everyone's fall running wardrobe will vary slightly depending on their internal temperature gauge. My training partner, Tara, and I are perfect examples of this. We ran together last Sunday and I had on long pants and two layers on my upper body. She had on shorts and a tank top.

You'll figure out the wardrobe that works for you with some trial and error. In general, a tuque, gloves, arm warmers and a good running jacket are all good investments. A running jacket with removable sleeves is practical because you can wear it in the fall and winter.

In my opinion, the most important feature of a running jacket is pockets. Pockets allow you to take off your gloves, arm warmers or jacket sleeves and store them once you are warmed up.

If you decide to attempt running all winter you will have to rethink your attire and invest in a balaclava, winter socks and some long underwear.

Trainer's tip: Don't forget to wear sunscreen and drink water. Harmful UV rays are still out there even when the weather gets colder, and even though the cool temperatures may not make you feel as hot and sweaty, your body still needs fluids.

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