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Young asian woman doing a Side Plank - Abdominal Exercise


The question

I really enjoyed your six-week summer boot camp. What do you recommend I do now that I have completed it? Should I add more reps? I really don't want to plateau.

The answer

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Don't increase the reps. Instead, increase the weight you are lifting so that the suggested rep range is doable but still challenging.

In addition, add a third circuit to the end of the routine for week 6.

For the third circuit, do:

Side planks (10 to 30 seconds)

Up,up/down,downs (5 reps starting with each hand)

Bird dogs (10 reps each side)

Do the circuit three times through.

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Side planks: Lie on your side and come up onto your forearm and feet so your hips and knees are off the ground.

Up, up/down, down: Start in a front plank on your toes and forearms. Keep your pelvis stable as you come up off your forearms and onto your hands, one arm at a time. Hold for five seconds, then come down onto your forearms one at a time. To make the exercise easier, perform it from your knees instead of your toes.

Bird dog: Start on your hands and knees. Keep your pelvis stable and extend one arm and the opposite leg. To test your form, place a water bottle on your back. The bottle should not fall as your arm and leg move.

If you missed the boot camp, find it at here.

Trainer's Tip

Introduce a new type of cardio workout into your routine. Get out of your comfort zone - try something your body is not used to. Try a rowing machine, a new sport or a dance class.

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