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The question

I ski every winter. Can you recommend a workout to improve my performance on the slopes this year?

The answer

A ski-specific training regime should have three main components: interval training, central-nervous system training and strength training. This week I'll focus on interval training (see next week's column for the other two components).

Interval training alternates periods of hard work with periods of recovery – an essential approach since skiing involves not just time spent on the hill, but rest periods on the chair lift and in the chalet.

Vary the length and intensity of the intervals you do from session to session to mimic the unpredictability of the demands of skiing.

Sample interval session (running, biking or any other cardio activity):

3 minutes hard effort, 2 minutes recovery.

4 minutes hard effort, 2 minutes recovery.

5 minutes hard effort, 2 minutes recovery

4 minutes hard effort, 2 minutes recovery.

3 minutes of hard effort, 2 minutes recovery.

Trainer's Tip

If you have not worked out regularly since last ski season, I would suggest getting a base of fitness back before starting ski-specific training by doing two to four weeks of regular gym workouts that include cardiovascular, strength and flexibility training.

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