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'Be proud of your body': Your thoughts on the 'downside to being skinny' Add to ...

"Why do people think it’s okay to ask me how I stay so thin? You don’t ask others how they manage to stay so big," wrote Michelle Heath in yesterday's Facts & Arguments essay.

"Telling the world that women with no curves are not “real” women makes it difficult to convince yourself that skinny can be sexy," Heath wrote. "Next time you see a “skinny bitch” and begin to feel jealous, keep in mind some of these things we deal with on a fairly frequent basis."

Her piece on the downsides to being thin invoked heated, personal reaction from our readers. Here's what you had to say:

"I have spent my life being told I must be anorexic or bulimic - perfect strangers seem comfortable telling me to "eat more." I am active and fit...  Unfortunately, it will always be socially acceptable for people to put down thin women -  after all, we are making all the heavier women feel bad about themselves." - bje1009

"Whatever size you are, if you feel healthy and energetic, don't get easily tired, have a strong immune system, and have lots of energy to do everything you want, you're probably just fine the way you are, whatever modern fashion foibles are.  - Gizella

"My relatives, all of whom have more meat on their bones than I do (size 0 - 2) don't hesitate to comment about my size. I wouldn't dream of asking them how they got to be so fat!"  - rhenae

"While I agree that it is a problem that women are objectified and judged by the size and shape of their bodies, I am having a difficult time feeling much sympathy for this contributor. When someone mentions your thinness, they are either doing it out of concern because you are underweight or out of admiration because you look lean and fit and they'd love to look like you." - turnitaround

" I once heard a mother comment to her six year-old son in a change room that I was so skinny because I was anorexic. A lot of people don't seem to realise that comments about weight can be upsetting regardless of what size you are..."  - TanyaAC

"I am a fat person who is constantly having assumptions made about my intelligence, physical ability, and self control. It's nice to hear from the 'other side'!  - Wysiwyg45

"For the fat bashers here, let me be blunt: I had a sh$$tty, abusive upbringing by a skinny, overbearing mother that hated fat people. I'm overweight....I soothed my broken soul with food. For once I wish people would look at a fat person and think, 'what has happened in that person's life that they eat to soothe themselves?' - MiltBuckner

"Naturally thin guys get it too! Both my parents were slim. I am naturally slim but like other slim and healthy people there is always the perception that there is something wrong with me usually of the eating disordered nature." - SteveieGee



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