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Jenn Rozell now, right. (Glenn Lowson for The Globe and Mail)
Jenn Rozell now, right. (Glenn Lowson for The Globe and Mail)

How I lost 102 pounds: Size 22 pants didn't fit any more Add to ...

Jenn Rozell

29, Welland, Ont.

Pounds dropped: 102

My turning point: There is no heart-wrenching story about what caused me to lose weight: It was a single pair of pants. In January, 2012, after the holidays, I couldn’t fit into my usual pants. I know that happens to everyone, but when the pants are woman’s size 22, it was a kick in the gut. I was so disgusted with myself. On that day, I just decided – today is the day.

My method: I live underneath a fitness centre, and my landlord is a trainer there. Every morning I would hear her upstairs kicking her client’s butt. She was a huge, huge motivator to kick off the process. I got a membership there and every time she would see me leaving the house, she’d yell out the gym, “looking beautiful, Jenn!” I couldn’t have done it without her. She is a huge part of my story.

The journey wasn’t easy. I remember after two weeks, I weighed myself and I had lost two pounds. I was so angry. I was working out every day for an hour, I had completely stopped drinking pop and I was eating healthier then I ever had before. Since I hadn’t seen significant results, I was ready to give up. Thankfully, I didn’t and at the next weigh-in I had lost almost 10 more pounds. I continue to train at the gym five times a week, and my diet consists of a lot of chicken, brown rice and vegetables. I no longer buy plus-sized clothing, which has not happened in about 15 years. It was hard work to lose the weight – and it will continue to be hard – but the reward of looking and feeling better is too good to give up.

My kryptonite: I’m a big-time chips and pop girl!

This interview has been edited and condensed.

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