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Hip hikes

Sit tall, making sure your ribs and head are stacked over your pelvis and your shoulders are back. Then hike your right hip bone up toward your right shoulder, and repeat on your left side. Repeat four to six times.

Pelvic tucks

Keep your upper back straight as you tuck your pelvis – both hip bones should move upward. Then tilt your pelvis the other way so that your tailbone moves toward the back of your chair. Repeat three to five times.

Hula hoops

Now put the first two steps together: Use your lower belly to draw your hip bones forward to do a pelvic tuck; keep your pelvis tucked as you hike your right hip bone up toward your right shoulder; sit tall and stick your tailbone backward in your chair; finish by hiking your left hip bone up toward your left shoulder. Repeat once or twice, then repeat again in a counterclockwise motion.