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New year, new you: This easy-to-follow, full-body program will help kick-start your fitness for 2013. You can do it at the gym or in your own living room – so there's no excuse to miss a workout. The intensity ramps up over the course of four weeks, so don't fall behind!

Click to see Week 1, Week 2 (Jan. 14), Week 3 (Jan. 21)  and Week 4 (Jan. 28) of the program. To learn about the program in general, read on.


Choose your difficulty:

  • Beginner track: You have been exercising for less then six months or if you’re cautious about ramping up your routine due to past injuries.
  • Advanced track: You have been exercising regularly for six-plus months or are fairly confident using unstable equipment like the resistance ball.

What you need

A resistance ball, a resistance band and free weights.

How to pick your weights

Pick a weight with which you can do the repetitions with good form. It should be a challenge to complete the repetitions. With the resistance band, you can make the exercise harder by making the band more taut.

How to calculate your maximum heart rate:

Take 220 and subtract your age. Then multiply by .6 or .85 to determine your low and high ranges.