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Kathleen Trotter
Kathleen Trotter

Your fitness questions answered Add to ...

Kathleen Trotter: First, congratulations on your weight loss. Second, do not get frustrated. .5 - 2 pounds per week is healthy. You don't want to lose more then that per week. The faster the weight comes off the faster it will come back on. Third, you will probably have to count calories more diligently. I am sorry!

Guest: I'm a 5 foot 11, 125 Ibs male (underweight). How can I gain muscle/mass effectively?

Kathleen Trotter: Weight training and proper nutrition. I would talk to a nutritionist and have a professional create you a detailed nutrition weight gaining plan.

Rod: Hi Kathleen. I am a 43 year olds and I work out Mon to Fri mornings before work. I have 1 routine for Mon, Wed and Fri and a 2nd routine for Tues and Thurs. Both routines start with 45mins of cardio followed by some weights and stretching. I also play hockey twicw a week. Is it poor practice keeping a routine or should you switch things up frequently?

Kathleen Trotter: Routines are good as long as you switch them up every four to six weeks. Make sure you are not working the same muscle groups two days in a row. Also, when you switch your routine every four to six weeks don't just switch up the exercises you are doing. Switch the goal of the routine. For example, work on power during one four to six week program, strength the next and endurance the next

Meghan: I was in great shape last year until I suffered from a meniscus tear in my right knee. After several months waiting for arthroscopic surgery, I'm finally in recovery mode. How can I effectively strengthen my legs without overdoing it?

Kathleen Trotter: Did you go to physio? If not, start by working with a physiotherapist for four to six weeks. Then create a routine for yourself (or get the therapist to give you one) that strengthens all the smaller, stabilizing muscles like the glute medius (outside bum muscle) and the inner knee muscle. After these muscles become stronger start back with leg presses and squats just take it slowly.

Guest: Hi Kathleen, I'm going to start your summer boot camp (which looks awesome, btw). Is there a correct size for an exercise ball in relation to my height (I'm 5'3")?

Kathleen Trotter: Great! I hope you enjoy the boot camp. Yes - the balls come in 3 sizes. You would probably be the 55cm one but make sure before you buy it. Sit on the ball when it is fully blown up. Your legs should be at a 90 degree angle or slightly higher. If you are lower than ninety then the ball is too small.

Rachel: I tend to store my weight gain in my stomach. After a long winter of pasta and junk food. How can I work on my mid-section as the weather turns nicer?

Kathleen Trotter: Nutrition!!! Proper nutrition is key. You can work out twenty hours a week but if you eat badly you will not see the results. Also, do core work such as planks and side planks and make sure you are doing cardio. When you do cardiovascular work make sure you incorporate some interval training.

Rasha Mourtada: That's all the time we have for today. We invite you to submit questions to Kathleen through our Ask a Health Expert centre. See her page here. And don't forget to check out the summer boot camp. Thanks, everyone!

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