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You said it: Your comments on teen suicide in Canada Add to ...

Suicide is the second-leading cause of death for teens in Canada. This week, the Globe and Mail's in-depth series looked into the communities and families affected - and searched for answers on a dark, difficult topic.

Readers responded with heartbreak, hope and insight:

Still in Grief: Teen mental health and depression and suicide should be talked as openly as cancer, take away the stigma of saying that I am depressed, take away people uneasy on talking about it.

StarGazerTwo: Parents need to be the first defense, you can't put your concerns safely in the basket of agencies, doctors, councellors and teachers.

Hopeful11: Our family is living this agony right now. Our 11 year old daughter fell into a severe depression in April and despite early intervention is highly suicidal now...To hear your adored child say "I just want to kill myself" is indescribable.

Marcellus : Consider the even more horrifying situation among Canada's First Nations, where the suicide rate is twice the overall Canadian rate.

Annoyed in Vancouver: The shortage of psychiatric beds or psychiatric services may be true, but..they commit suicide before anyone recognizes that professional help is needed urgently. The teen years are a troubled time, and what teen is going to confide his or her fears to the family. A tough,tragic problem.

Dan Druff: The awareness this tragedy has created is silver lining to a very dark cloud. I hope the Richardsons can hand the momentum off to someone else to manage so they dont need to go to events and be "on". Thank you for your bravery.

Asif0: What is particularly heartbreaking is that even "knowing" is not enough. In our nation's capital, after the Daron Richardson tragedy, even if you are aware and want to do something, it is a 10 month wait for a psychiatric appointment for a suicidal 13 year old.

The Buzzwrecker: Hug your kids. tell them you love them. Cross your fingers and Hope.

For more on the series: Read part one here, part two here, part three here and part four here. To find a crisis centre across the country, go here.

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