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Craig Lauzon before and after his 40 pound weight loss.
Craig Lauzon before and after his 40 pound weight loss.

How this Air Farce comedian lost 40 pounds: a ‘precontact’ way of eating Add to ...

Craig Lauzon

Canadian actor, Toronto

Pounds dropped: 40

My turning point: In October, I saw a picture of myself in a shirt that had previously been large on me, and the buttons were being pulled on it!

Taping of the Royal Canadian Air Farce was approaching, and I thought I have to be on television in two months! Gah!

My method:I changed the way I eat, adapting a version of the Paleo Diet, which is a “precontact” way of eating. Being part Ojibway, this intrigued me.

I try not to eat anything that was introduced from Europe – no wheat, flour, sugar or dairy. I do eat a lot of fruit, veggies, game, fish, fowl, nuts and berries.

The only caveat: If a vegetable requires cooking in order to eat (potatoes, for example), you don’t eat it.

The important thing for me is not to be a zealot about it.

As long as you monitor and try to and eat this way 85 per cent of the time, it works. I don't think of it as a diet, either – much like vegans wouldn’t consider themselves on a “diet.” This is just how I eat.

I don’t try to concern myself too much with the actual weight: When I started this in October, I was wearing tight 36 pants with some 38s sprinkled in there.

Now I wear 34s and they fit loosely – I had to get two new holes punched in my favourite belt.

My kryptonite:Green Kryptonite would have to be chips. I love chips.

But my red kryptonite – the kind that’s really deadly – would be pizza. Pizza makes me crazy!

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