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Kate Robinson

28, Toronto

Pounds dropped: 60

My turning point: I had always been a big girl growing up, having grown up with relatively unhealthy and sedentary parents (who have now also changed their ways!). In 2009, after I ended a five-year relationship and was about to start a new job, I was feeling at my worst: I wasn't exercising, I wasn't eating well. When I should have been looking forward to a new beginning, I knew I had to change.

My method: I hit the pavement: I decided to learn how to run, first and foremost. I fell in love with it and wanted to go farther each time. As I started to lose a couple of pounds, I noticed that I could run faster, so I kept going, completing my first 5K, then 10K, then 10-miler – and my first half-marathon in May, 2009. From there, I signed up for a bootcamp fitness class, twice a week for an entire year. Once I was dedicated to fitness, I changed my eating habits: I gave up meat and put real thought [into all the] food I put in my body. I started treating food as fuel, not an indulgence. Seven half-marathons and two full marathons later, I've never been stronger and healthier in my life. While I still feel like I have a little more to go, I'm more comfortable with myself than ever.

My kryptonite: Potato chips – although now it's a snack-sized portion, and only every few months.

This interview has been edited and condensed by Amberly McAteer.

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