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Healthy Eating Jump-Start Day 13: Add ground flaxseed to your diet Add to ...

Have you made a resolution to eat better and lose weight? Follow our month-long program of daily nutrition tips, created by dietitian Leslie Beck to change your lifestyle for January - and beyond. And to get your fitness on track, try our personal trainer-designed .

DAY 13: Add ground flaxseed to your diet

These tiny seeds offer soluble fibre (the type that lowers blood cholesterol), an omega-3 fat called alpha linolenic acid (ALA) and cancer-fighting compounds called lignans. Studies suggest that a regular intake of flaxseed may help prevent breast and prostate cancers.

So there are plenty of reasons to add two tablespoons of ground flax to your diet today. Two tablespoons delivers 60 calories, four grams of fibre and more than a day’s worth of ALA. (You need to eat ground flaxseed because when whole, it can pass through your intestine undigested, meaning you don't get to reap its potential health benefits.)

Add ground flax to hot cereal, smoothies, yogurt, applesauce, muffin and pancake batters, or mix into lean ground beef or turkey when making burgers or meatloaf. You can also try adding a little ground flax to mustard or mayonnaise for a healthier sandwich spread.

Missed earlier days? It's easy to get caught up.

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