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Healthy Eating Jump-Start Day 4: Practise eating slowly Add to ...

Have you made a resolution to eat better and lose weight? Follow our month-long program of daily nutrition tips, created by dietitian Leslie Beck to change your lifestyle for January - and beyond. And to get your fitness on track, try our personal trainer-designed Boot Camp 2012 program .

DAY 4: Practise eating slowly

If weight loss is among your 2012 goals, this resolution is well worth making. Studies show that people who eat quickly – and eat until they're full – are three times more likely to be overweight.

Eating slowly allows appetite-related hormones to kick in and tell your brain you've had enough to eat. Since it takes 20 minutes for these signals to register, if you eat too fast you will be more likely to overeat before your body is aware of it.

Your homework today at breakfast, lunch and dinner: After every bite, put down your knife and fork and chew thoroughly. Don’t pick up that knife and fork until your mouth is 100 per cent empty. Take sips of water between bites.

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DAY 1: Keep a food diary for the next seven days

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