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Scott McGillivray, host of TV’s Income Property
Scott McGillivray, host of TV’s Income Property

How Scott McGillivray stays fit – on and off the set of Income Property Add to ...

For the hunky Income Property host Scott McGillivray, heavy lifting is just the beginning of his fitness regimen.

Your job is pretty physical – does swinging a sledgehammer count as part of your fitness routine?

Oh yeah, definitely. I actually warm up beforehand and I get everyone else on the crew to do it with me – stretching, some jumping jacks. We get into some pretty heavy lifting on demo days.

Are you a gym guy?

I do have a gym membership, but I end up doing most of my workouts at home – weights, isometrics. I work with a trainer. I hired him a year ago and said, “Look, I’ve been working out my whole life, I know what I’m doing. You’re here to make sure I actually do it.” A trainer gives me discipline. I’ve also picked up running in the last few years. I love it because I can do it anywhere, and after a long day of work, going for a run is a reboot. I usually run 5K twice a week.

How do you stay motivated?

I sign up for longer charity runs, which sort of forces me to keep up with it and train. If I’m going to be the celebrity endorser of the CIBC Run For the Cure, I sure don’t want to come in last place.

Would spending five hours vegging on the couch be a treat for you or a punishment?

Ooh. I don’t even know what that would feel like. Five hours of being still – I don’t even get that in my sleep.

Do you feel pressure to maintain your physical appearance because you’re on TV?

Not really – look at Bryan Baeumler. He’s still on TV.

But he doesn’t have rabid fans.

That’s true. I stay in shape for personal reasons and because I want to feel good. The way I see it – if the way I look dictates the calibre of the show, we don’t have a very good show.

Earlier this year, you were the cover boy on Total Fitness magazine. Did they try to get you to pose topless?

They did. A couple of people have. I don’t know that I’m ready to go down that road. The fans would have to demand it.

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