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What is it?

A one-on-one training session with either Chris or Marty Smits, brothers who have earned a reputation for understanding how models need to train to be booked for runway and magazine shoots.

What does it work?

Whatever you stare at when you gaze at a model - sculpted shoulders, firm butts, flat bellies and tight inner thighs. You know how models typically hunch over? They work on that, too.

How hard is it?

The beauty of a personalized session is that the level of difficulty is determined by fitness experience. Still, the workouts are designed to be progressively challenging. In some cases, eating right can be the biggest hurdle.

What are classes like?

Sessions are composed of circuits, each a long series of exercises, often done three times and using body resistance for the most part, with some weights. Although the Smits are not drill sergeants, they want to see you work. Hard.

Who's taking it?

Duh. Models. Some need to develop more shape while others need to lose inches. The brothers also work with other clients, but this happens to have become their niche.

Sign me up!

Personal training sessions with the Smits Brothers cost $100.

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