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Fitness (John Foxx/(c) John Foxx)
Fitness (John Foxx/(c) John Foxx)


Your fitness questions answered Add to ...

Kim Lavender, the national director of team training for GoodLife Fitness, has been involved in fitness education for the last two decades. She has worked as a personal trainer for both private and corporate fitness clubs, was the cycling instructor for Bell Canada's Making The Cut and hosted Flex on Raptors NBA TV.

Earlier, Kim joined us at for a live chat to answer your questions.


Niamh O'Doherty - Hi all, I'm Niamh O'Doherty and I'll be hosting this live chat today. Kim Lavender will be joining us in a few minutes to discuss all things health and fitness related, so send your questions in now!


Niamh O'Doherty - We've just been joined by the national director of team training for GoodLife Fitness, Kim Lavender. Good afternoon Kim!


[Comment From Kim Lavender ]

Good afternoon, and what a beautiful one it is.


Niamh O'Doherty - Well the questions are already flying in, let's get started!


[Comment From Jim ]

For early morning workouts, should I eat a small amount first or wait until after finishing before having breakfast?


[Comment From Kim Lavender]

For many this is a personal preference and what they habitually do. Ideally you will want something small about an hour prior to your workout, you will have some glycogen stored in your muscles, that will be used quickly, you will also benefit from ensuring you also have something within about 30minutes after your workout. Ideal sources include high quality carbohydrates and protein.


[Comment From Alex Simpson - Toronto ]

Hi, I have been consitently working out 3 to 4 times a week and have an active life style. I have gradually lost 25 lbs over 2 years. What I have noticed is that I lost the majority of weight in my legs, arms and buttocks. However, it seems the hardest to lose excess fat in my core? Is there anyway to target fat reduction in your core?


[Comment From Kim Lavender]

First off congrats and way to go Alex on your weight loss, you have worked hard to get there. Many people struggle with spot reduction, unfortunately there is not magic answer for belly fat and as we age this can tend to be an area that we gain fatty tissue in. Without knowing what you are currently doing for your exercise routine, I would suggest ensuring that you are focused on building strength to increase your overall metabolism, as you build a bigger engine (your body) you will burn more calories simply existing. Start with ensuring you work through a strength phase in your workouts, trying exercises like suspension training and those that also include balance to be firing your core muscles (stabilizers) all this time. Many people focus on the curl up or crunch, thinking that will eliminate belly fat, unfortunately not the case and sometimes ends up injuring us becuase of the frequent compression on the spine. Go for building some strength, and revving up your metabolism.


[Comment From Julia ]

Can you explain complete protein vs. incomplete protein in terms of how it impacts your strength training success? I generally don't eat much animal proteins but I have chickpeas, lentils, quinoa etc. often. I have been told that these are incomplete and I need complete proteins to see the benefits of my weight training.


[Comment From Kim Lavender]

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