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26 hilarious photos of Santa scaring the bejeezus out of your kids

Photos with Santa Claus are a holiday tradition. But often things don't go as planned. This gallery showcases some priceless moments sent in by readers. To send us your hilarious pictures of the kids with Santa Claus, simply e-mail your photos to Please include the subject's name and age, and a sentence or two about what's going on.

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Drew and Lisa Bradstock writes: We received 15 images on a CD from our daughter's Sienna visit with Santa.  This was actually the best one and ended up on our Christmas cards.

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Paul McIntyre Royston writes: Adelaide is 6 months old and like her sister before her, clearly not impressed with the situation at hand!

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Jennifer Bolzicco writes: This is a picture of my son Ethan (2.5) and daughter Sophia (1) with Santa, who happens to be their dad. Ethan was shy and wouldn't make eye contact and my daughter lost it screaming!

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Mark McKay writes: This year my wife, a former fashion designer, had the fantastic idea to make the family a set of hilarious Christmas shirts for our picture with Santa.

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Paul Farina writes: These are our daughters, Makena (the happy one) and Isabella (not so happy).

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Barbara Sochanski writes: Evelyn's first meeting with Santa Claus. Our 19 months old daughter very clearly and loudly indicated she didn't want to be anywhere close to this scary man. She squirmed her way out of his grip and ran away as fast as she could.

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Stacey Arthur writes: This is Ashlyn Arthur, taken in 2010 at 1.5 years old. I don't really think anything needs to be said except "poor Santa"!

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Klemm writes: Reid is not too sure about this Santa.

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Christine Lavrence writes: Julian, 5, and Sophie, 1, visit Santa this year.

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Bev Craig writes: This is of my son Eden Raine(3.5)…probably worried that he is on the naughty list!

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Phil Maloney writes: We took our 17-month-old son Judah Maloney to Santa this year, and he successfully made his great escape in about 5.4 seconds.

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D’Arcy Finley writes: Here is Amelia Finley — aged 2 and a half — after ordering Santa off his throne and her dad onto it. Note Santa looking on resentfully from the side.

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Tricia Redmond writes: My daughter, Paige (1 year) was terrified of Santa. My son, Conor (4 years) could not care less that his sister was losing her mind, he was just so happy to see Santa. Santa was not impressed - Paige had a very ear-piercingly loud scream!!!

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Heather Bown writes: Lauren, age 2, and Jack, age 4, both having different experiences with the same man. Lauren has a hate on for him...while Jack has loved him from the minute he was born.

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Edward Irving writes: Santa tries his best with 14 month-old triplets Colin, Keith and Evelyn Irving.

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Tim Owens writes: These are my girls (Audra, 2 ½, left, and Anya, 1). They are scared of Santa because of the movie Shrek the Halls where Santa ate the female gingerbread cookie. After that scene, Audra said, 'Santa just ate a little girl.'

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Valerie Nair writes: Little Amelia wasn't sold on the Santa Claus thing at first.

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Holly Nichols writes: This is Elora aged 1.5 not enjoying her visit with Santa last year. She was so unenthusiastic about the whole thing that she ripped my hat off trying to get away from the jolly old man. This was the photo I paid for.

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Katherine Scarrow writes: My brother Stephen Scarrow and his 10-month-old daughter Nora at his company's Christmas party. Despite what her T-shirt may lead you to believe, she's not feeling the love for dear old Santa Clause this particular afternoon.

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R C Shaw writes: When my wife showed me this pic, I immediately thought of Judi Dench in The Queen, surveying her minions and passing judgment with ease. This is Hazel at her most munificent.

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Alison Bruce writes: My beautiful girl Eloise English, 10 months. Took her to meet Santa at Southcentre. This was an instant reaction.

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Andrew G Kolisnyk writes: My wife and I were at a children's Xmas party for her company. We were anticipating big smiles and tears but Anderson does not know what is going on and has a blank look on his face while Avery looks like she does not care at all.

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Stephen Cheng writes: My daughter, Geneviève Cheng at seven months. She's terrified of the Big Guy and his bushy white beard! You can really see the terror.

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Derek Isber writes: Jeremy loved standing in line, and like pointing to Santa and smiling, but the second Daddy let go we was inconsolable.

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Lindsey Swinton writes: Here is our picture with Santa this year: Bishop, age 6, and Isis, age 22 months

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Kate Sturdy writes: Yes, I had a printed. Yes, I think it's hilarious. I am a terrible mother. This is the first and last time Fiona will be sitting on Santa's lap for some time. At least he looks happy.

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