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Artists may no longer sell albums in the numbers they once did, but the more entrepreneurial ones are making up for it with creative merchandise, perfect for supplementing dwindling rock ’n’ roll lifestyles (and for giving this holiday season). Brad Wheeler rounds up the coolest picks

Beck’s Song Reader The curious Beck Hansen offers three (or more) chords and the truth – the rest is up to you. The latest “album” from the Odelay singer comes in the form of old-time sheet music, complete with song-inspired artwork and a hardcover carrying case. $35 to $50 (signed by Beck) at

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Third Man Records’ Revolution compact turntable From Jack White, who will undoubtedly spin at 33 1/3 RPM in his grave when his time comes, here’s a tight package with USB capability, stereo speakers, FM transmitter and a belt-driven turntable. Made by Crosley, the black-and-yellow thing does everything but wash the dishes, not to give the industrious rocker any ideas. $145 at

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Neil Young silver lighter A man needs a light, even if that man doesn’t smoke, because what better apparatus to flick when the North Ontarian launches into Helpless in concert? The refillable lighter features the same artful silhouette of the singer-songwriter found on collectable rolling papers, for those who do more than just listen to Homegrown. $20 at

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Feist Bittersweet Melodies music box “Can’t go back, can’t go on/ both of us sing that same old song.” The light-footed songstress Leslie Feist offers a melodious gizmo that reproduces a twinkling, touching tune – one of those delightful small packages we often hear about. $10 at

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Burton Cummings soccer scarf No one can figure out how the former Guess Who singer has preserved his voice after all these years. Perhaps it’s a keyboard-pattern scarf keeping his pipes – as heard on his fine new Massey Hall live album – warm and toasty. $30 at

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Ron Sexsmith Keep Calm tote You would imagine that any bag from the downbeat troubadour would be a sad sack indeed, but, to much surprise, his tote is labelled with the words “Keep calm and carry Ron.” Which is too cute by half, but just right for lugging his forthcoming CD Forever Endeavour. $9.99 at

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Sunparlour Players preserves Not only is the folk-rock riot’s new EP titled Sunparlour Preserves, that’s exactly what you get when you attend its intense live performances. And for those who can’t make it to a Sunparlour Players’ show to sample the band’s jams and purchase its jellies, the song How to Make Ginger Bourbon Butter is explicitly instructional.

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AC/DC pinball machine The Who may have the crazy flipper fingers, but when it comes to arcade games, even they can’t beat AC/DC’s best. The people at Stern Pinball, Inc. are working double time on the production line to keep up with the demand for a flashy machine that rocks all night long. $5,700 to $7,699 at

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