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Anne Carson

Dear Boy

By Emily Berry (Faber & Faber)

One of the year's most exciting debuts, this live wire of a book introduces Berry, a young English poet. It's funny, bold and restlessly inventive, the arrival of a writer of incredible energy and vision.

Metaphysical Dog

By Frank Bidart (Anansi International)

This late-career volume from one of America's master poets reflects on Bidart's peerless career, summoning up poems of the past while engaging fully with the present. A National Book Award finalist that should have taken the prize.

Red Doc>

By Anne Carson (McClelland & Stewart)

National treasure Anne Carson returns with a strange and thrilling "sequel" to her classic 1998 novel-in-verse, Autobiography of Red. As always, it's a daring and difficult-to-classify work, but one that, upon close attention, is as moving as it is challenging.