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The only features that many of today’s menorahs have in common are the requisite nine candle holders, one of them set apart from the others. In anticipation of Hanukkah, which starts on Dec. 8, stylist Emma Reddington surveys the field, from weighty to whimsical

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Made of matte aluminum, artist Anat Basanta’s playfully symbolic menorah evokes prickly-pear leaves that ‘grow’ each night of the holiday. $150 through .


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A marriage of tradition and cheekiness, Jonathan Adler’s glazed stoneware Utopia Man/Woman vessels depict elders on one side and young hipsters on the other. $295 through .


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The one-of-a-kind menorahs crafted by Reddish Studio out of repurposed candlesticks don’t come off an assembly line, so order one for next year. Price on request through

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Made of silver-plated brass, Williams-Sonoma’s Menorah Candle Holder boasts an antiqued lacquer finish suggestive of a family heirloom. $129.95 through


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Consisting of moveable concrete pieces, Israeli art studio ceMMent Design’s menorah can be configured in myriad ways. $455 through


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The 45 hand-dipped candles that come with Brad Ascalon’s menorah for Design Within Reach rest on a slab of sculpted Carrara marble. $275.49 at Design Within Reach (


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Starkly elegant, Josh Owens’s solidly grounded cast-iron candelabrum for Areaware incorporates a tray to catch wax drippings. $100 through .

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