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Sue Riedl/The Globe and Mail

Stuck at the office on Dec. 24? Just you and the few suckers waiting for 1 p.m. so you can call it a day? Make your last meal before freedom – I mean holiday break – count.


Vacherin Mont d’Or cheese




Dried fruit

Ginger cookies


Go to your closest cheese store and ask for a Vacherin Mont d’Or. This is the cheese lover’s answer to fruitcake. Made along the French-Swiss border, it is a winter treat available only from October to March. Wrapped in a strip of spruce before ripening, it’s beloved for its ooey, gooey, full-flavoured spreadability.

Just cut away the top and dig in with a spoon (yes, it can be plastic). Slice up some baguette and bring some holiday-themed accompaniments such as nuts and dried fruit. Crisp ginger cookies are a nice touch.

Then leave this picture pinned to the office corkboard with the words, “Wish you were here …” Suckers.