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The question

What's your position on Christmas trees in non-traditional colours, such as white or silver?

The answer

Taking a position on Christmas trees is a little different from weighing in on world peace (which I want for Christmas). That said, I do love the smell of fresh fir and authentic green boughs to hang my decorations on, but the constant watering and the falling needles are a pain, so I understand the appeal of going artificial.

A tidy silver tree, perhaps with big pink and blue balls, conjures up images of Miami. I also love the light-bulb trees with just lights from floor to ceiling – especially in blue with a fantastic lit star on top. The thought of a silver or gold tree makes me smile, too, imagining jewellery hanging from it. On an all-white tree, an ostrich-plume garland would be fabulous. Or how about a partridge-and-a-pear-tree theme?

Truly, my position is that I'll take no position at all and enjoy the many diverse ways people express holiday cheer.

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