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What to eat and do - and what to avoid - to gain the most weight this holiday season

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Enjoy snow angels, not snowball fights Pelting the in-laws with icy spheres may have appeal, but that brand of vengeance burns 319 calories an hour. Making snow angels only burns 214 calories. And looking down at that wide angel will give you motivation to hit the gym in January.

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Drink eggnog latte, not hot chocolate A Starbucks grande-size eggnog latte has 460 calories, while the same sized hot chocolate has just 290 calories. The hot chocolate also only has five grams of saturated fat compared with the eggnog’s 12 grams. Of course, both are delicious.

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Down stuffing, not mashed potatoes One cup of bread stuffing has 354 calories. Compared with that, mashed potatoes are just, well, small potatoes: One cup of mashed potatoes prepared with whole milk and butter has 237 calories. In the battle of carb vs. carb, your choice is clear.

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Pour on cranberry sauce, not gravy This may be the one time gravy isn’t named the best in any contest it’s ever entered. One cup of canned beef gravy has 123 calories, whereas one cup of sweetened cranberry sauce has a crantastic 418. Let the gravy train pass you by.

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Pile on the ham, skip the turkey One slice of regular (not extra lean) ham has 46 calories. One slice of turkey breast has 22. Pass the turkey? I don’t think so.

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Eat Quality Street, not Turtles One tin is nearly twice the heft of a box of Turtles (725 grams compared with 417 grams) and packs a walloping 3,590 calories. A box of Turtles, meanwhile, has just 2,160 calories, though more fat (120 grams to Quality Street’s 90).

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Shovel the driveway, skip the skating Clearing snow from your driveway will burn 408 calories an hour, while ice skating burns 476 calories. It’s clear what you should do. Pick up that shovel.

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