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The best of the season as captured by Globe and Mail readers

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Ron Russell writes: "This is a picture of me (I'm the one on the left) with Santa taken in 1948. I still have those curls and Santa hasn't changed much either."

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Heather Harton sent us this shot of her tree

Heather Harton

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Lori Hood submitted this photo

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Joanne Dale uploaded this image to our Flickr pool. She titled it O Hydro Night. She writes: "So much for Copenhagen. Gotta love the enthusiasm in the Littles of Italy and Portugal [in Toronto] around this time of the year. Not good for the earth, but good for the soul. Peace."

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Monika Czyz writes: "Isabel's first Christmas: she dressed up as Santa and stole his chair."

Monika Czyz

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Chad Peters sent us this shot. He writes: "Zachary meets Santa Claus for the first time."

Chad Peters

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Tasha Bridgen writes: "My son was making faces while sitting on Santa's lap. Santa asked what he was doing and my son demonstrated.

Tasha Bridgen

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stillsinflux uploaded this image to our Flickr pool


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Vanda Gayowsky sent us this shot of Father Christmas in England, 1949.

Vanda Gayowsky

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Michael T. Wong uploaded this shot to our Flickr pool. He writes: Big brother and sister celebrate with an early Christmas present.

Michael T Wong/Michael T. Wong

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picturenarrative uploaded this shot to our Flickr pool


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Charlene Kotze writes: Ruby (aged 8) shocks Santa with her list...

Charlene Kotze

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