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The Globe picks 10 standouts from the Canadian Toy Association's annual Hot Toys for the Holidays preview

PlasmaBike The pedal-free PlasmaBike is meant to encourage balance development and be a safer option for learning to ride a bike (as opposed to those tricky training wheels). It sounds like an overprotective parent's dream come true. Still, it looks freakin' awesome. $79.99,

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Furreal Friends Cookie My Playful Pup If your children keep begging for a dog, this realistic, electronic pooch might satisfy them for awhile. Turn it into a 'teachable moment' by telling them its batteries will wear out unless it's walked each morning at 6 a.m. $69.99,

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Hovercraft That's right - you build a hovercraft that can zoom over any smooth surface. A HOVERCRAFT. How awesome is that? $19.99,

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Lego Pirates of the Caribbean Black Pearl This is quite possibly one of the coolest Lego sets ever. Inspired by the popular movie series, it even comes with a little Lego Davy Jones and pirate ghost. This is one toy Dad will be happy to help assemble. $129,

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Caravan Family Camper by Calico Critters Normally the idea of cats in a trailer would be a nightmare. But this play set is the definition of adorable. The family of kittens even come with their own sleeping bags and board games. $69.99,

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Redakai Redakai is apparently the next Bakugan, featuring 'amazing Blast3D' and "stack to battle game technologies' - all the better for conquering the Kairu. Whatever. You know you'll give in and buy it eventually. $5.99-$34.99,

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Sesame Street Playskool Let's Rock! Elmo What, did you actually think there wouldn't be an Elmo? There's always an Elmo. This year the cute, fuzzy Muppet plays drums and sings. (You miss the one that just laughs now, don't you?) $79.99,

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3D Magic Magna Color Kids raised with 3D movies should find this art set pretty nifty. A special pen lets them create images that pop off the screen. Ta-dah! No more boring 2D drawings. $24.99-$29.99,

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Cabbage Patch Kids Fashionalities Force a trip down memory lane by getting your child a Cabbage Patch doll, that hit of the 1980s. Each one still comes with a name and birth certificate - and now a kicky outfit that captures one of 12 personalities. $34.99,

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