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Share your best Christmas photos (and we'll print the most popular!)

Email your best Christmas photo to with Christmas as the subject line (be sure to tell us about the photo, and your name and city when you submit.) Then like us on Facebook ( and 'like' your favourite photo. The photo with the most likes will be printed in our Dec 24th edition

This is a photo of my son at about 7 months old. He seems to be so excited about the revelry of Christmas but at this tender age, doesn't know that we're having him pose with a poker-themed gift!

From Leigh Chapman, Toronto

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Christmas to me is about my grandparents. All of my 31 years have been filled with warmth, love and laughter - much laughter. They have shared and passed on to their children, grandchildren and great grandchildren, to love, enjoy and play as often as you can, especially at Christmas when all the family are able to let go and just be. My mother, in turn, passed this onto me. At 80 and 78 my grandparents still lead the way in having fun and playing in the snow! Christmas is togetherness and spreading love and fun.

From Wallace McConnell, Toronto

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Never to old to go see Santa ! This is a photo of my son, Félix, 14, and my daughter Éliane, 11. Although they are now two active teens (and were the oldest kids sitting on Santa's lap that morning!), they just loved doing it. I think this photo shows that the magic of Christmas remains, even when as you get older. They will always be kids in my heart and this is why this photo represents Christmas to me... and it reminds me how time flies !

From Louis Lafortune , Gatineau, Quebec

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This is our first Christmas as young fiancés (2011): it represents Christmas because the season means slowing down and enjoying time with family and friends and all the people we love and being thankful to have them in our lives.

From Dasha Kozlova, Montréal:

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This is my Christmas photo submission - nothing makes my holiday more than seeing my Weimaraner Delphi dressed in her Christmas suit (which she is clearly mortified by but makes my entire family smile). : )

From Dionne Malcolm, Barrie, ON

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For the last 8 years, Christmas for me, is seen through the eyes of my sweet daughter, Avery. Although you can't see Avery's face in this photo, you can still see the wonderment and excitement as she cheers Santa on. She had just finished having her "Breakfast with Santa" at Toronto's Casa Loma and I captured this moment when he left the room where they had dined together. It was as magical a moment for me and my husband, as it was for her.

From Lynn Santos, Etobicoke, ON

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Greg and Trent as they look out the window at the first snow of the year in Markham, Ontario. Their shared wonder at the falling snow reminds me of the best parts of Christmas; family, traditions and snow!

From Bev MacDonald Markham, Ontario

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Grandpa, Uncle, Milo, Dada, Axel and Grandma Christmas trees are beautiful and getting them is always an adventure for the whole family to enjoy.

From Goya Ngan, Saskatoon

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This is my son Rowan. As soon as he could wield a spoon, my sister began a Christmas tradition of decorating sugar cookies with him. It means Christmas to me because she puts so much effort and love into maintaining this tradition, now shared with my daughter as well. My sister is a very special gift to us!

Heather Hickey, Waterloo, Ontario

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