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A 'ganster' truck? An auto-tune microphone? Some items are better left on the shelves

I Am T-Pain Mic Why would you give a child a toy that makes him or her sound like an amplified, badly auto-tuned rapper. Why?!

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The Logo Board Game This game is being touted as a 'hilarious family game of pop-culture.' Others might call it 'advertising.'

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Hot Wheels Video Racer Micro Camera Car This toy car is also a video camera that can be attached to bikes, helmets and skateboards. Junior can film himself and then show the footage to his friends. Which of course in no way encourages him to try stupid stunts.

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Playmobil Robo Gangster Truck Really, Playmobil? A 'gangster' toy? It comes complete with a satellite, foldable satellite-launching pad and missiles. Just where exactly do these gangsters live?

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Marshmallow Fun Mini Bow An arrow that shoots mini marshmallows up to 30 feet sounds like fun. Until Jack hits Kate in the eye and then she starts crying and then you have to threaten to take the darn thing away.

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Jogging Stroller Does a baby-doll jogging stroller teach little girls that staying active is a good thing - or does it just play into the pressure on moms to lose the baby weight?

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