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Your funniest photos of Santa and the kids

Sure he's jolly, but the big man in red can be a scary sight when you're no bigger than an elf and forced to sit on his knee. Images uploaded to us through Flickr are contained in a separate gallery. This gallery showcases images sent through our custom upload tool. To see the Flickr gallery or submit your photos, follow the link underneath the gallery.

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Craig Fleming photo: Sophia meets Santa - Sophia is scared by Santa's background - which is different than how I remember as a child - things sure have changed

Craig Fleming/Craig Fleming

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Danielle Fiander photo: Cassidy is not a fan of Santa - 14 month old Cassidy from Milton, ON. This is our second attempt at a picture with Santa!

Danielle Fiander/Danielle Fiander

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David Dias photo: Mia with Santa 2010 - My daughter Mia on Santa's lap, wondering "Who IS this guy?!"

David Dias/David Dias

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Caitlind Geddes photo: Geddes Christmas 2010....yeesh - I thought for sure Grace and James would embrace Santa with hugs and kisses. Not sure what happened!!!! Look at Santa - What a trooper!

Caitlind Geddes/Caitlind Geddes

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Lyndsay Kerik photo: A little punch in the face for Santa - Apparently Austin did not like Santa this year even with his cousin Emily (who has a tight hold) and his cousin Nicholas who isn't sure what is happening.

Lyndsay Kerik/Lyndsay Kerik

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Mary-Kate Wilkins photo: Chloe vs Santa - Chloe Wilkins (16mos) first visit to Santa.

Mary-Kate Wilkins/Mary-Kate Wilkins

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Jennifer Taylor photo: 2010 Picture with Santa - My oldest son was instructed by "Santa's helpers" to keep looking at the camera no matter what his brother was doing and he listened.....hence the one happy smiling boy and one not so happy boy!

Jennifer Taylor/Jennifer Taylor

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Sue Desilets photo: Help mommy - 18 month old Elizabeth enjoying her visit with Santa

Sue Desilets/Sue Desilets

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Shannon Boychuk photo: Here is 9 month old Hunter and his first visit with Santa. I think it went pretty well!!

Shannon Boychuk/Shannon Boychuk

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Jackie Donaldson photo: The Big Squeeze - Evan with the big guy.

Jackie Donaldson/Jackie Donaldson

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Leah Shannon photo: Riley's first visit with Santa. (Toronto's Dufferin Mall)

Leah Shannon/Leah Shannon

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Wendy Simmons photo: Santa with the kids - Taken about thirty five years ago, this photo of my two sons still makes me smile. Mark looks at his big brother as if to ask "Is this guy OK?", while Paul doesn't seem too sure either.

Wendy Simmons/Wendy Simmons

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jess499 on Flickr uploaded this image of Avery and Santa to our pool


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Krista Gingrich photo: Everyone needs a "perfect" santa photo. When my daughter looked at the picture this year, she said, " owie." Nothing to do with the man in the red suit!

Krista Gingrich/Krista Gingrich

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jess488 on Flickr uploaded this image of Miles and Santa to our pool


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Toni Ivison photo: At least she's consistent - Adeline, 11 months old. Visit #3 to Santa. Same reaction all 3 times. At least she's consistent. This photo was taken aboard the Santa Train, Orangeville Ontario.

Toni Ivison/Toni Ivison

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Laura Vaughan photo: Santa gets an earful - I'm sure it wasn't his first of the day, but Santa looks like it's time for a break...or maybe a career change...

Laura Vaughan/Laura Vaughan

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Paul Farina photo: Makena and Bella

Paul Farina/Paul Farina

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Joseph Rumi photo: Our daughter Ella was a little suspicious of Santa this year...

Joseph Rumi/Joseph Rumi

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Alison Sigmundson photo: Poor Santa... A rare split second opportunity captured where all 3 people involved look either totally unhappy, or utterly confused!

Alison Sigmundson/Alison Sigmundson

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Tracy Pulak-D'Aoust photo: Boo HO HO HO - All was well until the very last second when my poor Kaden erupted in tears... "get me off of this white bearded man NOW!!!!"

Tracy Pulak-D'Aoust/Tracy Pulak-D'Aoust

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Kim Mitchell photo: Like Mother, like Son - This picture was taken on December 5, 2010 of my son at 11 months :)

Kim Mitchell/Kim Mitchell

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Kim Mitchell photo: Like Mother, like Son - This picture was taken when I was 15 months old

Kim Mitchell/Kim Mitchell

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Jen Hayward photo: Maren meets Santa - We assume she's crying because of Santa.. .but maybe its because her dad is wearing a Packers hat and they had a pathetic year.

Jen Hayward/Jen Hayward

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Trevor Eggleton photo - Tidings of Comfort and Joy - She said she was into it, until she really wasn't into it.

Trevor Eggleton/Trevor Eggleton

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Danica Zivanovic photo: Sadie and Santa - Sadie usually loves new people but Santa, not so much.

Danica Zivanovic/Danica Zivanovic

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Nancy Setchell photo: Tidings of comfort and joy.

Nancy Setchell

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Anne Fitzpatrick photo: Alison's first visit to Santa in 2009. She was alright until Mom walked away. Older sister Claire is a pro!

Anne Fitzpatrick

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Kelly Brown photo: "Peace on Earth" - I love this photo of our little guys taken last Christmas. Cameron has the look of pure glee and is completley oblivious to Harrison's hysterics.

Kelly Brown/Kelly Brown

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"tripping dude" on Flickr uploaded this image to our pool of Nathan and Santa

tripping dude/tripping dude

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Bridget Cox photo: Happy Holidays?

Bridget Cox/Bridget Cox

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Meaghan Force photo: Scream and say cheese! - Everett and Brenden were excited to see Santa. That was until Brenden had to sit on his knee. He took 1 look at Santa and screamed! Poor Santa! He sure got an earful!

Meaghan Force/Meaghan Force

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Dan Honsinger photo: Aiden Meets Santa - The Santa at The Parry Sound Mall was a jolly fellow, but Aiden (10 months) didn't agree.

Dan Honsinger/Dan Honsinger

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cantaxprof on Flickr uploaded this image to our pool. It's titled '1st visit to Santa - not going well'


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Kirsten Keil-Mehlenbacher photo: Scared of Santa - Our daughter waited 45 minutes to meet Santa, entertaining the line up with her eagerness - shouting "Hi Santa!", waving to him constantly. When she finally met him, this was the result... poor thing!

Kirsten Keil-Mehlenbacher/Kirsten Keil-Mehlenbacher

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Somer Torres photo: Sad First Santa Visit - This is Miles' first Santa picture. He was all smiles when he was plopped on Santa's lap and given a candy cane. Then he looked up and realized his situation and let out a big sad scream.

Somer Torres/Somer Torres

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Vivien Lee photo: The sad thing is that I knew this man because I saw him every week in church and he was friends with my parents. I believe this photo captures the definition of "hysteria"!

Vivien Lee/Vivien Lee

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Darryl T. Gwynne photo: The Gwynne twins with Father Christmas circa 1954 - My brother David (on left with the worried look on his face) and me with Father Christmas in central Bristol, England circa 1954

Darryl T. Gwynne/Darryl T. Gwynne

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Catherine Brosha photo: Worst Santa Ever - 2 years ago, we had the lamest Santa ever. He looked like Billy Bob in Bad Santa and the children weren't allowed on his lap - they had to sit on a stool at his feet. Fake beard, dirty robe - yech!

Catherine Brosha/Catherine Brosha

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Ann Cram photo: Isaac Visits Santa - Last weekend in Kingston, my grandson Isaac was introduced to Santa Claus. It was a very short visit! Maybe next year, Santa.

Ann Cram/Ann Cram

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Natasha O'Neil photo: Noella and Santa - My 1 year old with Santa at my husband's Christmas party. She did however like the gift she received!

Vickie Vang-Thao/Natasha O'Neil

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Diane Porter photo: Remember Santa, No choking the baby - I think this Santa missed the class on how to hold a baby. He also doesn't look very Jolly. This was taken in Calgary in 1990. Ryan Porter is 3yrs old and his sister Erin is 2 months.

Diane Porter/Diane Porter

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