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Aurora Browne attends an AMC event in Los Angeles on July 25, 2019.Jesse Grant/Getty Images

When the self-isolating first started, my husband and I were slightly disturbed to find how little our life had changed. The days all had that snow-day feel, and there was a lot of bread-baking and game-playing. These days, we’ve attempted a schedule so that our son gets time in with his schoolwork, but we definitely break it up with "Free Time” or a “Podcasts” slot. I’ve managed to restrict my social media binge-ing to just a few hours a day – major accomplishment! But I try to spend a few minutes on my phone in the morning sending text messages to friends.

The experimental baking has definitely gotten more adventurous, and last night we even cut up and deep fried some potatoes just to have that restaurant feeling of fresh hot fries. (They were delicious by the way.) I’m definitely in touch with my family more, especially my father who is elderly. E-learning has started for our son, so we are getting the teaching career we always knew we weren’t right for. Except in one area – my husband used to teach guitar to kids, so now he’s started teaching our son, and it’s delightful. We usually end off the day by watching the sunset and then picking an episode of Nailed It! to watch together.

People on social media are sharing imaginative ways of entertaining, informing and having fun while staying isolated during the COVID-19 pandemic. Here’s a compilation of some that made us smile.

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