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Tom Power, musician and host of Q, tells The Globe and Mail how he’s spending his time at home.

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It’s a shock to my family and friends, but I’ve started running. I’m doing it mainly out of sheer anxiety about my immune system. The life of a radio host isn’t the healthiest. We sit all the time. I love chips. And if I was asked to describe my body shape, I’d say I’m cut like a bag of milk. I run in the bike lane, facing away so I can see if bikes are coming and jump back if need be. I’ve been seeing alleys and streets around my neighbourhood that I’ve never seen before all because I want to be respectful and stay away from people.

I’m from St. John’s and I’ve never spoken to my family and friends this much. We’re having Zoom chats every second day. I think it’s because we want to fight to keep life like it was, as best we can. I was talking on the air the other day about [the late] John Prine, and I love the lyrics of his song Bruised Orange: “You can gaze out the window get mad and get madder, Throw your hands in the air, say, ‘What does it matter?’ But it don’t do no good to get angry, so help me I know; for a heart stained in anger grows weak and grows bitter.” I love so much that so many of us are refusing to be hardened by this, refusing to sit and wallow in sadness, and reaching out to one another. I love that we’re using technology, in ways we never thought of before, to keep some semblance of what’s important in life, which is connectivity.

As told to Gayle MacDonald

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