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35 years on, St. Lawrence a template for urban housing

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Basketball hoop at David Crombie Park, St. Lawrence neighbourhood, Toronto.

Dave LeBlanc/The Globe and Mail

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A jumbled St. Lawrence townhouse streetscape.

Dave LeBlanc/The Globe and Mail

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St. Lawrence archway.

Dave LeBlanc/The Globe and Mail

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New condo tower under construction looms over some nooks and crannies in red brick.

Dave LeBlanc/The Globe and Mail

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The triangular design over the park name is a replica of the pediment design on the St. Lawrence Market south building.

Dave LeBlanc/The Globe and Mail

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Mayor Fred Beavis, left, looks on as former mayor David Crombie (back to camera) and Urban Affairs Minister Andre Ouellet have pulled switch to sound siren to signal pouring of the final bucket of concrete in the St. Lawrence Neighbourhood, October 12, 1978. At far right is former finance minister Donald Macdonald.

Dennis Robinson/The Globe and Mail

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New resident Sina Mitolidis waters her plants, 1979.

Edward Regan/The Globe and Mail

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