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Vancouver architect Lucio Picciano's modernist house designs, including his own home, right, stand among the seventies-era Vancouver Specials and prewar homes in the Renfrew Heights neighbourhood.

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The corrugated metal façade of Lucio Picciano's house contrasts with the stucco and brick of neighbouring homes.

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Inside Lucio Picciano's home. By choosing oddly shaped double-sized lots and subdividing them, the architect was able to keep costs down and create affordable and well-designed housing.

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The home of architect Lucio Picciano's parents shares a long, narrow subdivided lot with a neighbouring three-storey house, also designed by Mr. Picciano.

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A view of Lucio Picciano's home. This modernist and decidedly urban intervention in a neighbourhood full of suburban-style housing indicates a sea change afoot in Renfrew Heights.

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The family-oriented Vancouver neighbourhood of Renfrew Heights features stunning mountain views.

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Lucio Picciano sought to create an urban village with his house designs in Vancouver's Renfrew Heights neighbourhood.

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