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The kitchen benefits from its placement in the middle of the house rather than at one end.

Photos by John Heineman Photography

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A small 2-ft. window over the sink was replaced with an enormous one that looks onto the neighbour's hexagonal roof shingles. 'The view's not great but it does bring in a lot of light,' quips Mr. Beauparlant.

John Heinemann Photography

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The powder room door was disguised by clever hardware-free millwork so the area reads as a hallway and nothing more.

Photos by John Heineman Photography

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A single, large induction burner and two gas burners huddle under a sculptural vent hood.

John Heineman Photography

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To balance the height of the stainless steel fridge, a bottom drawer under the stainless steel Miele oven was also faced in stainless steel. A top-hinged panel conceals the microwave and crowning it all is another small piece of stainless steel.

John Heineman Photography

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